6/2/2020 meeting summary, updates following 6/4/2020 listening session

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I am finally sharing a summary of our 6/2/2020 council meeting.  It’s been difficult, if not impossible, to focus on regular business at this time.  The summary is towards the end of this email.

I’m also writing to provide an update on progress we have made following our 6/4/2020 special listening session. 

Many of you have emailed about the #8CantWait campaign (more information here: https://8cantwait.org/).  Raleigh had already enacted 5 of the 8 recommended policies. This week, we announced that the remaining 3 policies have been enacted.  Please see graphic below. 

I know many are asking why these policy issues were addressed first.  The simple answer is, they’re fast, necessary changes. 

We still have a lot of work to do.  I am committed to working towards larger systemic changes.   

Below is a brief summary of our regular council meeting 6/2/2020.
1. We approved a resolution to place an affordable housing bond in the amount of $80 million on the November ballot. We adopted all of the affordable housing bond committee’s recommendations, including a recommendation that the city focus on producing more units affordable at 30% AMI (area median income). We are still in the early stages of this process, and there will be opportunities before November to weigh in on how you think the money should be used to accomplish our goals.
2. We moved forward with shared streets for public dining. We temporarily eased restrictions on certain zoning regulations to allow businesses to expand into private property, including parking lots, and public property, such as sidewalks and right of ways.
3. We approved racial equity training for the mayor and city council. We will participate in a series of workshops totaling 40 hours of training and the workshop will be open to the public.
4. We approved a rezoning request to build affordable housing for seniors on the site of a former church. The church congregation initiated this process to provide a benefit to the community.

If you have sent an email to me, please know I am slowly making my way through my inbox. I have received more than 5,000 emails in the past week. I am reading them; I can’t respond to all of them, but I am responding to emails about direct, specific issues or questions.



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