We had a work session and regular Council Meeting, on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. Below is a summary. 1. We received information about and approved selection of the professionals hired to conduct Racial Equity Training for the mayor and city council and Racial Equity Institute Groundwater training for certain city staff. You may recall, earlier this year council approved and allocated funding for the trainings. The training for the mayor and city council will occur
We had afternoon and evening council meetings on September 1, 2020 (technically on September 2 too, since we finished after midnight, it was a long day); below is a summary of pertinent information: 1. We received more information and took additional action on the Affordable Housing Bond. Several months ago, we adopted the Affordable Housing Bond Committee recommendations for an $80 million bond allocated as follows: $16 million (20%) for transit site acquisition; $24 million
City Council is back in action after a 6 week summer break!  Though we did not have meetings during the break, I worked to stay on top of calls and emails.  I also took full advantage of the additional time, specifically, my partner and I got engaged and I had knee surgery.  Below is a summary of our work session and regular meeting yesterday, August 18, 2020. 1.  At the work session we received an
I write these updates after every meeting, but this post is especially fun to write because at our meetings yesterday, July 7, we acted on several big issues that were important to my campaign and my service. Below is a summary: 1. We approved Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) by right, citywide. ADUs are self-contained, separate dwelling units located on the same lot as the principal dwelling unit. They are typically located above a garage, in
We had a budget work session Monday, 6/15 and a regular meeting yesterday, 6/16. Below is a summary of both meetings.1. We passed the FY2021 budget with no tax increase. There was a proposal to include an additional $2.8 million to expand the police department. That proposal was not approved and was not included in the budget. I did not support funding an expansion of the police department.Part of the proposed expansion was to create

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