It’s been a minute since I wrote a summary of our City Council meetings. Below are some updates:   1. We approved a contract with IKE Smart City for installation of kiosks downtown. If you’ve traveled to other cities recently, you’ve probably seen these, or similar, kiosks in operation. If not, you can check them out here.  Initially, 15-20 kiosks will be installed within city right-of-way in select areas downtown to help residents and visitors
We had a City Council meeting Tuesday, March 15, 2022 and below are some exciting updates!   1. We voted to make outdoor dining permanent. During the onset of COVID, we allowed private businesses to extend into streets and sidewalks to setup tables for dining and drinks. This change showed us that there are better uses of or public spaces, and in October 2021, we instructed staff to come up with the necessary changes to
We had our first City Council meetings of 2022 on Tuesday January 4 and Tuesday January 18. Below are a few updates: 1.  We adopted an ordinance to make curbside pickup zones permanent downtown. In March 2020, we instructed staff to deploy approximately 100 temporary curbside pickup zones to assist businesses and restaurants affected by COVID-19 during the State of Emergency. Since that time, businesses have expressed a desire to keep some of these zones
I’m back with meeting updates! A lot has happened over the past two months, both on City Council and for me personally. In case you missed it, I announced my re-election campaign, and I need your support! Please consider making a contribution in any amount.   And as many of you know, I got married at the end of October. I appreciate all of the well wishes.   Now back to business! In October: 1.

I’m running for re-election

Posted on October 21, 2021
I’m running for re-election to Raleigh City Council At-large.   CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE   When I first ran for Raleigh City Council At-large in 2019, I made three big campaign promises: that, if elected, I would address housing affordability, increase access to local government, and advocate for responsible development and alternative transportation.   To lead on all of these issues and more, I promised to prioritize equity and inclusion, to “come from a place of ‘yes’” – to

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