90 days at the table! I still feel so lucky each meeting for the privilege to represent this city, thank you. Below is a summary of our most recent council meeting, followed by a brief highlight of what we have accomplished in these first 3 months: 1. At the meeting this week we approved the purchase and installation of new GoRaleigh Bus Shelters. The city initiated a design competition for new shelters in 2016, a
Yesterday we had the work session I previously requested on greenways as transportation corridors, and we had an afternoon council session. Below are some pertinent updates:   1) During the greenways as transportation corridors work session we learned that our greenway system was created in 1976 with an emphasis on recreation. The last update to our greenway masterplan was several decades ago. We currently have 117 miles of greenway trails, and staff is in the
We made some big decisions at our City Council meeting this week to address issues of police accountability, community engagement, and housing affordability. Some of these decisions were difficult to make, but I believe they are pushing our city in the right direction. Below is a (very long) summary (don’t worry though, I included some pictures!):   1. After years of debate, we took action to create a police advisory board and also requested city
Yesterday was a busy day for Raleigh City Council. We started the day with a work session on our potential bond referendum for parks and greenways, and then we had a regular session council meeting in the afternoon (with a surprise recess because the microphones stopped working, yikes). Here’s a quick summary of some pertinent issues:   1) At the work session on parks and greenways, we learned about the history of parks bonds and
We had our first City Council meeting of the new year (new decade!) yesterday, and we got a lot done, including:   1) We adopted new rules of decorum and procedures for public comment. Council Member Patrick Buffkin and I spent considerable time over the break researching and developing these new rules with the assistance of the City Attorney, City Clerk, and City Manager. Of note, we eliminated the 2 week advance sign up requirement

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