Below are the issues I’ve prioritized while serving on Raleigh City Council.

Responsible Development

Raleigh is a rapidly growing city. It’s an exciting time to live here. But with that growth comes challenges, like infrastructure and transportation needs. I am an advocate for responsible development that is mindful of these needs

Public transportation should be safe and accessible to all, especially to those who rely on it most. We are working to add improvements to our bus stops, including more benches, lights, and shelters.  I have also pushed to build more bike lanes, especially protected bike lanes, so that our residents have more safe, diverse transportation and transit options.

I am also working to find solutions to protect and increase affordable housing, so that as Raleigh continues to grow, we ensure there remains space and opportunity for all. In 2020, I supported an $80 million affordable housing bond which was passed by an overwhelming majority of voters.  Also, since elected, we voted to allow accessory dwelling units (ADUs)  by right citywide.  We also expanded housing choice and missing middle housing in more residential zoning districts, including allowing duplexes, townhouses, and apartments in areas where only single-family homes were allowed.  These types of structures make housing more affordable while also reducing carbon emissions.  We also eliminated parking minimums citywide and established parking maximums in an effort to build a more affordable, resilient city. 

Looking forward, we must continue to work to reduce car dependency by placing goods and services closer to people.  For new developments, we must focus on dense, mixed used buildings.  In our existing neighborhoods, we can accomplish this goal through community gardens and produce stands, farmer’s markets in city parks, and allowing accessory commercial units (ACUs) and neighborhood markets.


Our city cannot afford to stifle innovation. We must continue to be a place that is accepting of new ideas and businesses.

I govern from a place of “yes” when confronted with new opportunities.  How we address emergent issues says a lot about our city, and our willingness to innovate and grow. Since elected, we removed the ban on short term rentals. We also created new rules which encourage micromobility, like e-scooters. I am committed to reaching compromise solutions, rather than taking positions that are regressive.  


I am also committed to making doing business with our city more efficient, especially as it relates to construction and permitting. Many small business owners simply cannot afford to endure long delays in the permitting and construction process. We have worked to streamline this process, including pivoting to tiered site plans, so that our city remains business friendly.

Equality and Equity

As a former community organizer and nonprofit leader, I have seen firsthand what happens when we greet all people with open arms. I am working to address inequities in our city, so that everyone who lives here has the opportunity to succeed.

During my first term, I  led on requesting oversight capabilities for our newly-created police advisory board, on drafting new rules of decorum and public comment for council meetings (reducing barriers to addressing City Council), on including renters in notices of new projects, on suspending fares for public transit, and on enacting a Nondiscrimination Ordinance protecting residents and visitors from discrimination in private employment and public accommodations.

We all share in the responsibility to guarantee Raleigh is a diverse, open and welcoming city for all.



Let’s work together to create a fairer, more accessible, and progressive Raleigh!