I’m running for re-election

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I’m running for re-election to Raleigh City Council At-large.




When I first ran for Raleigh City Council At-large in 2019, I made three big campaign promises: that, if elected, I would address housing affordability, increase access to local government, and advocate for responsible development and alternative transportation.
To lead on all of these issues and more, I promised to prioritize equity and inclusion, to “come from a place of ‘yes’” – to seek out what we can do instead of saying what we cannot. Our city has made some big strides in the last two years, but there is still far to go.

Today, with purpose and pride, I am proud to announce that I am running for re-election to Raleigh City Council.
During my first term, I have led on requesting oversight capabilities for our newly-created police advisory board, on drafting new rules of decorum and public comment for council meetings (reducing barriers to addressing City Council), on including renters in notices of new projects, on suspending fares for public transit, and as of this week, on protecting residents and visitors from discrimination in private employment and public accommodations, working in partnership with Equality NC and the Wake County Board of Commissioners.
We put an $80 million affordable housing bond on the 2020 election ballot which passed with an overwhelming majority. We approved accessory dwelling units (ADUs) by right citywideexpanded housing choice and missing middle housing in more residential zoning districts (including allowing duplexes, townhouses, and apartments in areas where only single-family homes were allowed), and removed the ban on short term rentals. We also created new rules which will encourage micromobility, like e-scooters.
From my first day in the council chamber, I have worked hard to meet all of the promises I made on the campaign trail. Looking forward, I am energized to continue working to address housing affordability, reduce car dependency, adjust our zoning laws to place goods and services closer to people, and implement additional transit investments (like permanent fare free transit, implementation of Bus Rapid Transit and commuter rail). 
I have been endorsed already by Victory Fund and Run For Something, and I ask today for your support as well as I run for another term on Raleigh City Council to continue the progress we have begun, and to ensure that as our city grows, it is in a responsible, inclusive, and sustainable way.





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