Renters: town hall recording, follow up survey

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On Thursday, November 19, 2020, Council Member Stewart and I hosted a Renters Virtual Town Hall.  Below is a summary and links to a recording of the town hall and a follow up survey


According to 2019 United States Census Bureau data, 48.5% of the City of Raleigh population resides in rental or non-owner occupied housing. Last month, City Council approved a text change to include renters as part of the city’s mailed notice requirements for projects in our city code.  

Council Member Stewart and I have been working to find additional ways to increase renter engagement, better inform and communicate with renters regarding city meetings and processes, and better assist renters with issues they face.  

At our town hall, we heard some good ideas, mostly around affordable housing and expanding access to renters in more city planning processes.  Some ideas we’ve considered, and we discussed at the town hall, are:
  • Increasing renter participation on our city boards and commissions, including possibly asking applicants whether they rent or own so that this information can be a factor as City Council appoints new members; 
  • Creating a renter liaison position within our Office of Equity and Inclusion to serve as a single source to provide renters and tenants information and assistance concerning issues like housing code enforcement, housing appeals boards, and public housing assistance and community resources, like housing support and credit counseling services; and
  • Creating a voluntary rental registration program where property owners can register rental properties for free with an online form on the city’s website so that renters can be included in more mailed notifications from the city. 

We still have more work to do, and we need your help. 

Please complete this survey on this topic.

If you missed the town hall, you can watch the recording here.


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