The year ahead: hopes, dreams and expectations

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The News & Observer asked me to a write short essay outlining my hopes, wishes and/or expectations for 2020 and the coming decade. This is my response.

As we head into a new decade, I hope we learn from any mistakes of the past decade and expand upon the positive strides we have made.

I hope to see continued acceptance and understanding of the LGBTQ community, particularly our trans brothers and sisters and queer people of color. I hope we continue to embrace new technology, invest in healthy, vibrant communities — where everyone can earn a livable wage and find a safe, affordable place to live — and focus on becoming a less car-dependent society.

We must also seriously address the issue of climate change; the time to simply talk about this issue has more than expired, and it must be addressed with urgency this next decade.

My priorities include passing a well-planned and thoughtful quality of life bond that will address park equity, Dix Park, and affordable housing. I hope to see accessory dwelling units allowed by right and more housing options citywide, an investment in our transportation infrastructure to build more people-oriented spaces and for Raleigh to become a leader in micromobility.

These are steps we can take to push Raleigh forward toward those decade-end, long-term goals. Raleigh is the city of innovation; let’s build a city that comes from a place of “yes” and prioritizes responsible, equitable growth.


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